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About Us

SeedPress is a startup studio that experiments with a variety of project ideas and turns the most promising ones into startup businesses. We specialize in building products using WordPress with a variety of other tools and practice a new economic methodology called Producism.

We are a social enterprise that aims to do well by doing good. Our business model was inspired by the idea incubator, IdeaLab.

Our Cause

Our mission is to use alternative economics & open source technology as a force to deliver meaningful products and empower under-served communities. We believe in social entrepreneurship as a pathway to self-actualization.

The first groups we’re looking to serve for social impact are teens, men, and women from under-represented backgrounds. Diversity and inclusion in the technology sector is important to us.

Areas of Focus

Software as a Service
Innovation Management Training
New Media
Seed-Stage Startup Consulting


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(Course & Software-as-a-Service)

Online Course and Social Workbook Platform for
Making Ideas Happen Faster Together

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The Dream Journey

(New Media)

Podcast Covering the Journey of Drew Little and the Stories of Under-Represented Founders He Works With

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(New Media)

Multimedia Book About the Evolution of Capitalism That Uses Game Analogies for Easier Comprehension

Ideas, Intelligence, Iteration, Impact, and Inclusion

The 5 I's That Drive Our Company



Drew Little

Founder and Product Manager
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